Rose Quartz Dual-Ended Facial Roller

Rose Quartz Dual-Ended Facial Roller


Boost complexion|Feels cooling on skin|Pair with your serum

The perfect partner for your favourite serum, sculpt and pamper that beautiful face of yours with our Rose Quartz Dual-Ended Facial Roller.

The large end of our Facial Roller helps give your face a sculpting massage, while working in your favourite moisturisers and serums. The smaller end has been designed to use around the more delicate areas of your face, like your eye area, to really work in your go-to eye serum.

Face rolling is a traditional therapy that has been used for many years by the ancient Chinese. The cool-feeling stones glide smoothly across your skin for the ultimate relaxing experience.

It comes in a recyclable carton pack*

  • Rose Quartz Facial Roller
  • Boosts complexion
  • Feels cooling on skin
  • Helps to work in moisturisers and serums

* Where local facilities allow

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                How to use

                1. With cleansed face and hands, apply your favourite serum and eye serum to your face. Have you tried our Vitamin C Glow Revealing Serum or Eye Glow Serum yet?
                2. Starting at the chin, roll the largest end of the roller along your jawline in an upwards motion. Repeat 5 times.
                3. Start at the corner of your nose and roll outwards towards your ear. Repeat 5 times.
                4. Using the smaller end of the roller, start at the inner corner of your eye, gently rolling out towards the temple. Repeat 5 tim

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