Bamboo Hair Wrap
Bamboo Hair Wrap
Bamboo Hair Wrap
Bamboo Hair Wrap
Bamboo Hair Wrap
Bamboo Hair Wrap

Bamboo Hair Wrap



Give your freshly washed hair a hug and help it dry faster with our natural bamboo hair towel.

This soft, absorbent towel helps you to dry your hair carefully, eliminating the need to use excessive heat that can damage your hair. Be kind to your hair and it will feel happier and healthier in no time. Our hair towel is also great to use with hair masks. You can even wear it overnight to protect your pillow while your mask works its magic on your beautiful hair. It’s comfortable and very easy to use, your hair will love it.

After first use:

  • 92% felt the towel was super absorbent
  • 85% felt their hair dried faster with the towel
  • 95% agreed that the towel absorbed the water without pulling or damaging the hair strands
  • 77% felt their hair was visibly less frizzy
  • 91% felt the towel helped the mask work longer on their hair
  • Test with 100 users with hair types 1A to 4C.

                    70% viscose from bamboo fiber, 30% cotton

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                    How to use

                    Follow your usual skincare routine. Use the Bamboo Hair Wrap to dry your hair naturally.
                    Flip your hair over and place the wide end of the towel over the back of your head so that the hair is at the thinner end of the towel.
                    Wrap the towel over the hair and gently twist it a few times.

                    For a more secure fit, while your hair is drying, twist the end of the towel and secure by pushing the button through the loop.

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