Join the refill revolution with our irresistible in-store refill stations.

“Why waste a container when you can refill it? And why buy more of something than you can use? We behaved as my mother did in the Second World War, we reused everything, we refilled everything, and we recycled all we could (...) The foundation of The Body Shop's environmental activism was born out of ideas like these" - Anita Roddick, Body & Soul


Let's clean up our act to clean up the planet. And it starts with a refill revolution. In 2019, we relaunched our pioneering product refill scheme in two new concept stores. Now we’re rolling out refill stations and plan to have 159 UK stores and 500 globally by the end of 2022. Check out our store finder below to find your nearest refill store. Pop in, pick up an aluminium bottle and refill, reuse, repeat.1

We want to empower more and more of you to reuse packaging rather than throw it away, so we’re making the most sustainable choice easy, convenient and accessible. By embracing the circular economy, we’re helping you eliminate waste before it hits the bathroom shelf. And together, each of our small acts can make a big difference. Switch to refill and collectively we could save over 25 tonnes of plastic per year.2 That’s the equivalent weight of 21 MINI Coopers. And refilling isn’t just good for the planet – it’s good for your wallet too, because you get more bang for your buck every time you fill up. So, find your nearest store below and join the refill revolution. There’s no time to waste.


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here’s how it works.


Pick up one of our aluminium bottles at a selected store.


Ask a member of our friendly team to fill it up with your favourite refillable haircare, shower gel or hand wash.


Once you’ve used all the lovely stuff in your bottle, give it a good rinse and dry, bring it back and refill it.


Get squeaky-clean head-to-toe, without the wasteful packaging. We’ve expanded our line-up so you can fill up on haircare, shower gels and handwashes from our best-loved ranges. Product availability varies by store, so pop to your nearest refill store to see which goodies are on offer. You could buff that body with a luscious lather of our Almond Milk & Honey, Shea, Moringa, British Rose, Pink Grapefruit or Strawberry shower gel. Give love to your locks with shampoo and conditioner from our iconic Ginger and Shea ranges. And please palms and pinkies with a refreshing cleanse, courtesy of our hand washes in tingly Tea Tree and nutty Shea.


Ready to refill, reuse, repeat?

Once you’ve used up all the lovely stuff in your aluminium bottle, give it a good rinse and dry before you pop in store for your refill. Here’s how to keep it spick and span:

- At home, fill your bottle halfway with lukewarm water.

- Replace the pump and shake vigorously. Tip out the water and repeat this step until it’s free of soap. Once all the soap has gone, fill the bottle again, halfway with lukewarm water. Replace the pump and pump out the water until it’s empty. Repeat this step until the water runs clear. Use cold, boiled water for one final rinse of the bottle and pump.

- Leave the bottle to dry upside down with the pump off before bringing it back to refill. Replace the pump for travel and pop in store.


Check out our store locator to find your nearest refill station. Now we’re rolling out refill stations and plan to have this in 500 stores by the end of 2022. If your local store doesn’t yet have a refill station, don’t worry – this is just the beginning, so keep a look out for updates.


It’s a simple switch that saves a whole lot of plastic. Because when you refill, you throw away less – and it starts with one bottle to replace them all. We’re closing the loop on waste and giving you more ways to shop the products you love, without the wasteful packaging. And with our global footprint, each of our small acts can make a big difference. Make the switch to refill and together we could save over 25 tonnes of plastic per year.2 We’re constantly working towards clever ways to empower people and the planet, so have a peep at how we’re sourcing ethically and sustainably, reviewing our packaging and rolling up our sleeves to help clean up our planet.