Unwind & Rest Routine Gift
Unwind & Rest Routine Gift

Unwind & Rest Routine Gift



Give them the gift a relaxing bedtime routine this Christmas with our Unwind & Rest Routine Gift, from our best-selling Wellness range.
Infused with a blend of lavender & vetiver essential oils, our 4-step bedtime routine* helps you hit the pillow faster and improves sleep quality, so you can wake stronger. And is clinically proven by the European Sleep Centre.
Your Hair & Body Wash and Balmy Body Cream and Pillow Mist are also made with Community Fair Trade organic olive oil from Italy that helps support farmers with income opportunities.

This is a wonderful gift for someone who's craving a little rest and relaxation this festive season.

*Proven 4-step bedtime routine to help fall 1.8x asleep faster and improve sleep quality. Lather up and Wash. Massage in Body Cream. Spritz Pillow Mist. Apply Essential Oil blend to pulse points.


  • Sleep Relaxing Hair & Body Wash 200ml
  • Sleep Balmy Body Cream 200ml
  • Sleep Calming Pillow Mist 100ml
  • Sleep Essential Oil Blend 9ml

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                  How to use

                  1. Lather up with Hair & Body Wash to help prepare your mind for sleep.
                  2. Dab a few drops of Essential Oil Blend onto pulse points and breathe in.
                  3. Massage Balmy Body Cream into your body and help unknot your busy mind.
                  4. Spritz a little Pillow Mist around your bed to help you sleep better and wake stronger.

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