Floral & Fearless White Musk Duo
Floral & Fearless White Musk Duo

Floral & Fearless White Musk Duo



Looking for the perfect gift for a floral fragrance lover? They won’t be able to get enough of our Floral & Fearless White Musk  Duo. Featuring our iconic musk shower gel and body mist, this gift set will love their body from head-to-toe.

But this gift set doesn't just love their body. It supports our Community Fair Trade partners who helped us make it. There’s a little card inside, handmade by our Community Fair Trade partner, Get Paper Industry (GPI).

Sabina Senchury works in the paper making unit and began working at GPI after her father left the family home. Sabina was unable to continue her education when she needed to help financially support her family due to her mother’s ill health. GPI pay a fair wage to all their workers, so Sabina has been able to keep her family financially stable, support her four younger siblings through their education, and pay for her mother’s ongoing medical expenses.

The packaging is sustainably sourced and can also be widely recycled.*

Discover how else we’re supporting communities and fighting for a fairer and more beautiful world.

  • White Musk Fragrance Mist 100ml
  • White Musk Shower Gel 250ml
  • Community Fair Trade Card

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